Proud Member

I just noticed I went from being a Comodo Member to a Comodo Family Member, and had a proud feeling. Thanks Comodo. Kind regards to everyone.

This is due to your post count.

Hi John, l gives you a very welcome feeling though. Well done to Comodo and its Forum Members for making this Forum enjoyable. Thanks for the reply John Kind regards.

Yes, it does give a very warm feeling. I remember when I first saw that level on my account. I can appreciate how you are feeling. I didn’t mean to burst your bubble, btw.

Thanks John, and no you didn’t burst my bubble. I do envy your status and many others, but I know I have a lot more to learn and have a lot more posts before I’m anywhere near that. Well done to you. My only regrets is not joining this forum sooner. Kind regards to you.

Some of us, including me, just have a high post count from posting mostly useless stuff in the off-topic board. :stuck_out_tongue:

now this fact will burst even the unburstable bubble >:-D

[bumping old topic - classic trolling method] ;D

Fixed it for you G ;D

Nice 1 captainsticks :-TU

Go Lewis…!

ow yeah, whatever, i often mix 'em up. sue me ;D

You wish (:LOV)