Protocol Encapsulation?

If you using wireshark will it interfere with comodos packet filtering settings?
I have a specific program I only want it to use UDP connections, but this program is able to encapsule protocols inside of the UDP connection.
From what I can tell this is whats going on, program A runs for 5 minutes, program A sends encapsuled protocol, this is what I can tell from wireshark anyways, but in my comodo logs it only shows 1 outgoing UDP connection and NO other protocols, how can program A make different protocols inside of the UDP session?

Wireshark shouldn’t interfere with CIS, but what’s captured in wireshark will depend on how it’s drivers are loaded in relation to those used by CIS.

UDP like TCP is just a transport, they just deliver their payload by different means. For example DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) uses UDP as it’s transport. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) uses TCP.

Also UDP doesn’t use sessions, it’s a best endeavours transport. Whereas TCP is connection orientated and keeps state information, so if data goes astray it can be resent.