Protocol Analysis

How safe is it to run with the “Do Protocol Analysis” option turned OFF ?
I have a IOGear print server on the network which I cannot print to unless I turn off Protocol analysis.
The logs keep reporting "Blocked by Protocol Analysis (Fake or malformed UDP packet) or “Blocked by Protocol Analysis (Fragmented IP Packet)”

Hi john

CFPs Help says this about Do Protocol Analysis…

Do Protocol Analysis

Protocol Analysis is key to the detection of fake packets used in denial of service attacks. Checking this option means Comodo Firewall Pro checks every packet conforms to that protocols standards. If not, then the packets are blocked

I think it would best to leave Do Protocol Analysis on & try to add the Print Server to the Trusted Zone (creating a Trusted Zone if you don’t currently have one). I’m assuming here that the Print Server has its own IP number?

Yes the Print Server has it’s own IP address and it is within my home network range which is defined as a Trusted Zone. Right now I leave the “Do Protocol Analysis” on and just exit the firewall when I want to print but thats getting a little annoying.

Yes, I can see why that is annoying. Couple of questions… is there an Application connected with this event? When you say “exit the firewall”, can you explain what you actually do to exit CFP? Thanks.