morning everyone. not sure i’m in right forum for this but. have lavasoft-spybot-avg free version-comodo firewall installed. good overall protection ornot. tks for anyreplies. frank.

I think this is the right forum and category (:WAV). I would say not great overall protection because your your anti-spyware is weak. Try Superantispyware free and/or AVG anti-spyware. Also, AVG might not be as a strong as other AV’s like Avast/Antivir/NOD/Kaspersky.

Just FYI, if you do look at Kaspersky, recently there seem to be some problems arising from their scan engine, conflicting with CFP in some weird ways for some users (but not all).

This apparently includes the AOL version, and one other I can’t remember the name of right now.

Avast! HE and Comodo Personal Firewall (CPF)have had some conflicts in the past, seemingly related to the Avast! Webshield and/or other components. I think these have been resolved with Comodo Firewall Pro (CFP), which is version 2.4.

AFAIK, there are no conflicts/issues when using CFP and Antivir or NOD. I think NOD gets the “nod” for being a strong, usable AV program.


Once CAVS is as strong or near the level of CFP, I’ll take it and ditch the others. As you can see from my sig, even though nod is strong, I don’t need it real-time anymore because I rarely get infected by malware.

tks for the replys folks. already have avg anti-spyware installed. if super antispyware is better will take a look at it. frank.

Superantispyware (SAS) is the most popular over at Wilders forum, while AVG is a strong second choice. I think one of the reasons is because it produces very few false positive results. The biggest drawback is that its scanning engine is slow, although the reason is due to its thoroughness.

Why not install both? All anti-spyware is known to have a low dection rate from a global perspective compared to anti-viruses. Spyware are newer than viruses and more difficult to remove. Therefore if you combine lots of anti-spyware, your detection will encompass a larger range.

soyabeaner. then i can run both but only one can be running auto. the other on demand only? as you can tell somewhat new to the computer world.

Correct. Never run more than one AS (or AV or firewall) real-time. There may be exceptions, but they would mostly be duplicating the same functions, or in worst cases, might conflict. Besides, the free version of SAS is on-demand only anyway. If your AVG antispyware is real-time then let SAS be your backup.

Right, Frank. One will be running “active” or on-access/real-time. The other(s) you’ll run on-demand.

Another pretty good one is a-squared (free) by emsisoft. The free version is on-demand only. It’s slower than superantispyware (at least for me), but it’s very thorough.

Just make sure you update definitions before you run a scan…


Edit: soyabeaner beat me to it… :wink:

tks guys. i’ll get out of your hair now. under a blizzard watch here. so much fun. frank