Protection while crashed Comodo restarting manually

Comodo firewall is a nice product, already comparable to the most commercial firewalls, but… sometimes its crashes and leaving users against wild internet with their pants down…

It would be nice to have some kind of additional protection mechanism, which turn on standard windows firewall or run some low level protection (without interrupting connection!) untill crashed Comodo firewall will be restarted.


I don’t recall ever having CFP crash on my system. What cpu/ram/OS/internet connection/etc do you use and what other security software (esp. active scanning security software) are you running? What browser was in use and what kind of crash (BSOD, “CFP has encountered an error …” or other error message) was it and can you send us a screen shot of the error message? Is there any firewall or Defense+ log of the period before the crash (View Firewall Events; View Defense+ Events).