Protection from leaks and how to succeed all leaktests

I’ve seen one thread on these forums that said that Comodo Personal Fire 2.2 and 2.3b managed to succeed ALL leaktests it was tested upon.

I have no idea how to do that, as I only tried one leaktest ( PCFlank’s) and I failed.

I’d love to see a FAQ that explains what settings are needed to be changed in order to KNOW that data may be leaked and whatever else is needed in order to succeed all the possible leaktests. :slight_smile:


P.S. I ask this in the FAQs section because even though it’s not a frequently asked question (Many people don’t even know what a leaktest is…), it should be added to the FAQ just so people can learn about leaks and leaktests, their importancy and obviously, how to protect their own machine from leakage.

Hi Bullhorn, did you get a popup from cpf during this test? Pls see attached pics.Seems pcflank will always give failed result even though cpf blocked.This test was done with default settings.

[attachment deleted by admin]

When I did this with default settings, I did get a popup but I pressed neither allow nor deny. Which means automatic-deny, am I right?

The data was leaked and I could later see the leaked data on the PCFlank site to be sure that it was leaked.

Hi Bullhorn,

Check this thread and see whether it answer your question. If not, I will try to get back to you.,1368.0.html

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Hi, I did click deny at the time of the test.

The solution is already known, right? Just need to edit a setting or two in the settings, run the test and block it.

I just wanted this to become a tidy FAQ without conflicting my tiny brain into details. :stuck_out_tongue:

Follow the advice of egemen posted here:,1368.msg9337.html#msg9337

As you can see in this thread, I can’t really use Comodo firewall now, so I can’t try it.

I’ll bump this thread once I reinstall Windows and get Comodo firewall to work.

Just a guess. Isn’t it that you have moved the Security Level slider at the “Allow all”? If it is there then you will not be able to turn on the firewall until you put it back to “Custom”

I hadn’t move the slider to “Allow All”. The firewall failed to start and all services came as “off” and a popup came from the taskbar saying something along the lines of: “Reinstalling Comodo Personal Firewall may fix thix problem” – which didn’t fix a thing.

Heh, just forget about it, it’s offtopic. I’ll fix it by reinstalling Windows and monitoring closely what happens after each program installation to find the cause to this problem.