protection all time?

Hi, I want to know if this product gives protection all the time or if its just a scanning tool?
And will it work with the products I already have installed on my computer?
Alvira antivir and AVG Anti-spyware?

BOClean is a prevention tool. I made the experience if i don´t have a security suite i must test the compatibilities.


OK, thanks Andreas!
Now I have installed it, do I have to change any applications or can I just let it be as it is? I just did a reboot of the computer, and thats all I have to do? Now I am protected?

Hi hjotron,

You don’t have to make any changes to other applications. And all you have to to is to keep BOClean up-to-date, else you don’t even need to know it’s there :wink:


To protect the own pc is a never ending story.

(:LGH) (:LGH) (:LGH)