Protecting games?

Your not making alot of sense but I think I would know…use to be a hacker my self …also This thread was built to help everyone that has questions…there are a lot of gamers out there that are not protected at all simply because they don’t want the security using there resources… what part of my “house” is protected by glass? Never did i stat that I was hacked…all I want was to ask if there is other software out there other then “game mode”, and DNDstation…

Swim support tools for children… They protect from drowning! Would you wear them still as an adult? Why did you learn to live without these tools? I don’t even know what your trying to say unless your saying that we all should us support swimming gear as adults???

Game mode is already part of CIS.

You dont understand the sense that i make. Thats something else. :wink:
The best help is to help people to make informed decisions. Not by cultivating the nebulous fears that are created by advertising. (WE ARE ALL LOST, BUT PRODUCT X WILL HELP YOU… its just 49,95).

Your windows are glass. But the door gets closed double time :smiley:

Translate virtual things into real life. You would get mad over time if you worried there like you do in the virtual world.

Tell me a threat that you want to be protected against.

about resources. The average computer today might be 4 times as powerfull than mine.
All these tools that speak about “gaining performance” are snakeoil products.
a) you can do it on your own
b) you dont need it

hell, even my old machine does not need it.

If you are informed about “hacking”, and i would not make sense, why is the whole world not getting hacked all day?
I dont know a single gamer that got hacked by gaming.
What is so dangerous?

You most likely get “hacked” by doing a wrong thing.
The stupid idiots that would need to hack a gamer are just desperate. They could easily set up a page to harvest passwords. Or they could upload a “performance gain” product, which is actually a hack which they downloaded somewhere in teh internet. Or they just write an email to you, in the name of fayfal, asking you to log in.

When you dont know what i was trying to say with the swim tools for children:
People in front of a computer tend to accept to get swim tools around their arms (pink, with ponies on it, … just 49,95), because it appears so normal that you have to depend on tools… and more tools…
instead of growing up and remove the tools from your arms… and just using what is necessary (door/key/brain).

Use an antivirus (that does not scan all things all day again), a firewall, something like defense+ and a sandbox for browsing.
What is missing?

Ok then what is DNDStation and game mode? what is the diffrence?

Game mode is just for “silence”. No pop ups, no updates…
I dont use it, because i set up comodo ONCE with a few clicks in a way, that i dont get annoyed by anything. While having default deny.

DNDstation is a “toy”-idea. “Could” be usefull if you need something to disable possible “annyoings”, that might occur while gaming.
I dont need it.

One time setting = all time all fine :slight_smile:

The whole world hacked hahaha…Hacker make money that what they want…most “hacking” is done by people that want to make money( if you have nothing valuable) then there is nothing a hacker wants from you…don’t get me wrong every once and a while there will be a script kiddie that will make a virus to mess with your system but it not the majority and a good hack is that the user will never know…and I think me and you a arguring the same point…most people are idiots( key word most!) and that is why hacking is such a easy way to get money… I am not argue or even trying to say that you don’t need protection I just wanted to know if there is special software out there for gamers(like DNDstation or nprotect game guard)?

I wonder how much gaming you do? Brute force programs? SQL injections? Simply guess passowords? People like you and me know to make strong passwords and etc but most people are idiots (key word most!) these are always to hack games :-X

Yes, thats why we should say the truth to those people :smiley:
And not creating an audience for advertiz0rs :wink:

Its sad when i see “awesome product” users getting “hacked”, because they felt a wrong feeling of security, while loading the “pwning thing” from the untrusted source.

I use to be a hacker but I change my mind…If only people would forgive and forget…most hackers have some awesome talent(not saying i do) if people can learn to channel that talent you see a new age for mankind!!! ;D

I am using a “digital game distribution”. My games list would be a wet dream for those :smiley:
Though, i am not nervous at all :wink:

I choosed one time a password for it. Ideal for a human brain to remember it. But a hell for brute force.