Protecting games?

I know that a lot fo online uses play games. I use nprotect game guard and have heard that most AVs have “game mode”.

I made this thread to ask users and mods and staff…What is the best software for protecting gamers? Software Suites? Stand alone Software? Should Comodo make a stand alone gamer protection? Just post up what you think ;D

Comodo Game Protect! It should be made for gamer as a stand alone software…This would be a great Idea because alot of people use the computer just for gaming and I know CIS has a gaming mode (I think it does) but It be alot simpler if you just made CGP and most gamers are lazy…Why do I say this becuase I am a major gamer and It be awesome to have a product I can download and blam! I am done and It wont lag me out! Less lag more Frag :-TU

what do you mean by gamer protection? how is this different from CIS protecting a regular user?

Hi Ivan12345.

For gaming, is this the sort of thing you are suggesting?

( Created by some of the COMODO Team )

Well when your play you don’t want anyone bothering you…CIS need to have a auto pilot mode so when your playing it can run without hurting the gaming…

Then “Game Mode” in CIS is the regime you need.

I understand that but “game mode” can be rather tiring…is there software I can download and do nothing to it and it will run in autopilot and will protect gamers?

Looks like it a step in the right direction…but it could be improved…most people don’t know about this software…it would be nice if you could take DNDstation and CIS and make CGP into it and you just simply install and no worries it would already have a autopilot mode up and running. Instead of have to install both CGP could do it for you.

CIS will protect you. nprotect does nothing more than an regular AV besides tuning the system abit to make the gaming experience better.

I get this but is there “any”!!! other software I can use to help when I am gaming?


i merged your two topics since they are asking for the same thing.

Is there anything else?

i dont know

Does anyone know??

Try a universal product NaDa. :-TU
Discussion is here.


It would be nice if it were free. But comodo has game mode. that should keep it from doing pop-ups.

Alright…I am being serious here and if your going to post junk up like that then…Just stop your very OT and also slightly annoying please take this serious! (:AGY)

Is this part of CIS? and If it is not it should be!

A part of your house is “protected” by glass :o

You should fix that first.
Your computer is allready protected with more than glass, and probably more safe than the real life shelter.

I dont get annoyed while gaming. I dont get hacked.

Can you give an example of what you are worried about?

The most people who claim in teh internet that some brutal and omnipotent hacker hackzord them, actually need lifes lessons first to learn.

People like me, we are mostly silent, and we dont have to make mistakes to learn from them.

Swim support tools for children… They protect from drowning! Would you wear them still as an adult? Why did you learn to live without these tools?

Sometimes i have the impression, that in front of a computer, people are more than happy to claim:
I have no idea, and i like it.
That does not make any sense.