Protecting certain files from Remote Access

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What I would like to do is protect certain files from remote access, reading, writing, etc. etc. I KNOW there’s a way to do it right, but it flat escapes me. Also, to keep files from Accessing the Internet unless directly given permission from myself. I am sure there’s a quick fix to this staring me right in me 'ol mug… but help me out here… Thanks ahead of time !!!

Well, to protect files from any modification just add them to your Protected Files list (Defense+ > Common Tasks > My Protected Files).

Now, for accessing the internet, are these files you would like to protect executable programs or normal files (e.g. word docs, etc.)? If they are executables, just add them to your Network Security Policy (Firewall > Advanced > Network Security Policy). And then set it as a ‘Blocked Application’ (under Predefined Policies). If it is a non executables, I think you might be able to add it to the network policy as well, but there really isn’t a need to. If an incoming connection tries to access these files you will be alerted.

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Thanks alot for the help !!! Appreciate that !!! 8)