Protecting applications against hooks causing lot of CPU usage and GUI hang

Here is one very important bug.

Here is how you can reproduce it. Download and run Firehole.exe leaktest. In Defence Plus settings, protect your default browser against hooks. Now run firehole.exe and allow all prompts. You will get a prompt about golbal hook firehole.dll by firehole.exe, allow it. CFP will ofcourse bolck this hook against your browser due to Application Protection settings for your default browser.

It will immediatrely cause lot CPU use by cfp.exe and GUI of CFP will hang alongwith a lot of Hard disk activity. Defence Plus log will show so many blocked hooking attempts.

Interestingly if you don,t protect your browser against hooks in Application protection settings but just deny global hook pop up about firehole.dll, you will not get any increased CPU usage etc.

There seems some bug in implementation of Application protection settings. Not sure about other three protection settings( interprocess memory access, windows messages and termination) whether they will cause similar bug or not.

It,s a very important bug IMO as I can,t mark any application for automatic hook protection as it will cause system hangs, lot of CPU usage and lot of Hrad disk activity.

Hope comodo developers can fix this issue. Thanks

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This bugs forum seems rather funny. There is no response at all from developers about the bugs, whether they can reproduce them or not and if they can reproduce, whether they are going to fix them or not.

Is it a ghost forum?

No, It’s not :slight_smile:
If it’s reproducible - it is in queue for fixing, if it’s not - we are asking for details. But it really takes a lot of time to process all the forum feedbacks.

That,s nice to know. We can wait ofcourse.