protected ?

CMS is not protected against the uninstall, it is a bit boring as a problem especially with antithief …no ?

You require root to implement what you ask.

If you put the app store, browser and settings in app locker then it can’t be uninstalled by using the phone. It would be great if you prompted for a password any it tried to be uninstalled and if the app st ore had a way to lock down apps to prevent uninstall

I know for app locker but cms is “stealth” in this parameter. Always unprotected without root…thanks


My phone is root and cms not protected ? why ?

A pin code option to prevent CMS access has been requested but never implemented.
The devs are not incorporating anything that requires root as not everyone has root. Mind you, this too has been requested.

Putting CMS in the system/app folder and making it hidden from the home and app drawer and given administration rights would prevent unauthorized access from everyone. Simply dialing an access code in the dialer could be used to unhide it.
This would be ideal, but then would require root to be installed.

All that can be implemented for non root is a simple password option to prevent access, but not un installation.

you can hide avast antitheft though it can be accessed from avast itself and it doesn’t require root to hide it so why is root required to hide it in cms

Hidden with 6-digit dialer code to ensure it is not found as easily.
Password protected to ensure nobody else can change the settings or un install it.
Make it administrator to ensure it can’t be accidentally or intentionally un installed even if found or left unhidden, this also allows for greater functionality with future updates.
Rooting makes it harder to un install, and I think is needed for administrator rights. Also needed if a firewall is added (optional I hope).