Protected Files - Questions

According to the manual: a protected file/folder will have read access but it will be protected from modification.
The manual gives the example of an Excel file name.xls selected as protected. Then, the manual explains that the application excel.exe should be given the right to run the file.

However that does not work for me. Any file/folder I select as Protected, can be read, modified and deleted. I must do something wrong.

I created a folder TEST. The folder content is a .doc file, a .xls file and a .jpg file. The folder is protected. The files inside should also be protected form modification/access/deletion, right?
I don’t make any other rule like: Computer Security Policy > Access right > Protect file and folders, but I can open all the 3 different files and modify them. Isn’t it wrong?

The only error message I have is if I try to create a new file in the folder. It fails. But there is no option to select. The folder is locked and that’s all.

You, the user, can modify files and folders. You can manually go to a folder and delete, create and modify a file.
Open your web-browser and try saving a new file to one of your protected folders, you will get the alert for the attempt.

I could reproduce the example after I changed my browser rules > access rights > ask (vs. allow) Protected folders. I get it now, thank you.

In the case a protected folder is on a share location (LAN) where other users have NTFS permssions read/write/modify, can they modify the content of the protected folder? what is the pattern?

I am sorry, I don’t know. Maybe someone else can answer?

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I currently have only one functional machine on my LAN. I cannot try it.

With what program are you trying to access and change these files? Does the program have the right to do these actions? Check the Policy for these programs. Or otherwise delete the rule for the program and try again.

So the protection only affects the software applications and in any case the users? If I have a protected folder. Content a .jpg and a .doc files. Gimp.exe and WINWORD.exe have access to this protected folder (computer security rule). Either software can edit and access the folder content.

My questions was related to users on a LAN trying to access a shared protected folder. Can they access it?