Protected Files and Folders

I added a document to “Protected Files and Folders” as shown on this page from the help manual.

I was then able to modify the file using Open Office and save it.
Defense+ > Defense+ Settings > Create rules for safe applications box is clear.
No allow rule set up to modify protected files and folders.

Protected Files and Folders setting allows you to protect specific files and folders against unauthorized modification especially by malicious programs such as virus, Trojans and spyware. It is also useful for safeguarding very valuable files (spreadsheets, databases, documents) by denying anyone and any program the ability to modify the file - avoiding the possibility of accidental or deliberate sabotage. If a file is 'Protected' it can still be accessed and read by users, but not altered.

A little help to figure this out would be greatly appreciated.


This can happen if ‘OpenOffice’ is a ‘Trusted Application’ If it’s trusted modifying protected files is allowed.

Please check Defense+, View active process list and check the ‘verdict’ on the OO process e.g. writer.

That’s what I thought it might be as Open Office is a “Trusted Application” by Comodo.

So the only files that can’t modify a file in “Protected Files and Folders” are, unrecognized files and programs with access rights for protected files/folders set to block .

The description on the help page of the online manual led me to believe it would be protected regardless of the access rights set for a program.

Yes if you wish to control every application that accesses protected files and folders you have to bump Defense+ to paranoid mode, which will create loads of alerts.

I now know it’s working as intended.

Thank you

Your welcome.

One more question if you don’t mind.

Why does Comodo only protect certain files and folders and not all files and folders?

Basically these ‘protections’ are derived from locations where malware attack, all others would be consuming CPU cycles for nothing.
But your free to tweak as you like that’s the flexibility of CIS.

Thanks again Ronny for your time and knowledge.