Protected Data Folders by default?

I got one idea about this function, why doesn’t CIS7 offer user an option to automatically protect common areas where sensitive files are stored? For example, it should by default include My Documents folder and offer ransomware protection pretty much out of the box (now it’s just blank and i don’t think many users are even able to find this option to begin with). Sure your system will still be infested by the ransomware malware, but once you clean that, you’ll still be able to access pretty much all your files. Opposed to irrecoverably encrypted files…

Btw, why is “Protected Data Folders” tucked inside HIPS section where it makes it look like you need to use HIPS for it to function?
Why not move Protected Data Folders into the main section of settings as it’s very own option? Or inside Defense+ where it would make a lot more sense than being absolutely hidden away from users deep inside settings…

I know Panda Cloud has those folders entered by default…

Exactly. If My Documents folder is included by default, taht may prevent like 99% of ransomware cases. You might lose multimedia stuff in few other locations, but in general, people mostly have stuff inside these folders.

i have already added a wish to the tracker for this. i suggested the installer should offer the user the option to add their documents to the protected data folders option in CIS.

It would also be a good idea to include browser profile folders locations to minimize the chance of corruption and data leakage (passwords). Browsers store passwords localy and unless you use a master password (which most users don’t), including those as well would be a good idea. Their locations are standard anyway so they can be easily pre-included generically during installation (even if user doesn’t have them actually installed yet).

Btw, what about ability to make certain file types inaccessible entirely to the sandboxed apps? For example, by using *.jpg for example. This would make ALL JPG files immune to any kind of manipulation by the sandboxed apps regardless of their location on the HDD. Right now you can only add folders because GUI doesn’t allow anything else. And while i know this slightly limits the usability, it also creates a massive protection vector. Plus, i remember using such thing in Panda Cloud when iw as testing their Data Protection and it worked just fine. So it should work fine in CIS just the same.

That seems an eminently sensible suggestion,especially since inexperienced users are likely unaware exactly what or where the sensitive areas are.

Since sandboxed applications are,by definition,not entirely trusted,the default should be opt-in for accessing sensitive data.

Ok, there is a problem with this function.

If you add Firefox profile folders to Data Protection, Firefox won’t work inside Virtual Desktop even though it’s a whitelisted app. Shouldn’t it still function since it’s whitelisted app?

Just added My Documents to mine, thanks for the tip.