"Protected Data Folders" and "Protected Files"

Hi all.
I (still) use Comodo Antivirus 7. The question is about HIPS → Protected Objects.

As far as I know, “Protected Data Folders” protects data from unwelcome software running in Sandbox, therefore I suppose “Protected Files” protects data from unwelcome software running in real environment.

Since I haven’t well understood why such difference between the two items, what should we do to protect data from unwelcome software running inside and outside Sandbox? Is it possible to put the same folders in “Protected Data Folders” and “Protected Files” simultaneously?
Of course my fear is that Comodo could fall in an unpredictable negative behaviour.


From Protected Data Folders on the online help pages :

Tip: Files and folders that are added to ‘Protected Files’ interface are allowed read access by other programs but cannot be modified, whereas the files/folders in ‘Protected Data folders’ are totally hidden to sandboxed programs. If you want a file to be read by other programs but protected from modifications, then add it to ‘Protected Files’ list. If you want to totally conceal a data file from all the sandboxed programs but allow read/write access by other known/trusted programs, then add it to Protected Data Folders.
I hope this answers your question.

I don’t know what happens when you would happen when you would protect files double.