Protect the ARP Caché

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I´d like to ask a question (sorry for my English, I´m Spanish):

I´m seeing a check box called “Protect the ARP Cache” , which is located in “Firewall\Firewall Behavior Settings\Advance” . The Explanation in the Comodo WebSite is simple, and I know about these things, but the point is that I´ve just started the software “Cain” to Poison the pc in which I have Comodo Firewall, and Cain makes it. I have checked my ARP Table or ARP Cache and Cain is able to tell my computer that the Router MAC is its MAC, and , as a result, evertime time I log on a web, on a form web, Cain obtains my credentials. So, as far as I understand, the check box “Protect the ARP Cache” is not working if I´m not mistaken. I roobet both pc´s (the one with Cain and the victim, my pc with Comodo Firewall) and it happens again as I can see with “arp -a” from Start\Run\cmd.

My PC with Comodo is a 2003 Server SP2 Enterprise, 2 GB RAM and the pc with Cain is only 512 MB RAM, just in case you need this information.

Could it be a bug ?
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Please note that Server 2003 is not an officially supported OS.

I don’t know whether or not this has anything to do with the issue.

Thanks Heffed for the reply,

I don´t know what to say, if 2003 is not a supported OS, well, then I supossed it must be that, but many software saying only support XP, I have it in my 2003 Server with a lot of stability, without problems at all.

Not sure but I think it must be another thing, something else.

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Ronny, one of the mods, tells the following about running CIS on Server OS:

Thanks both for you reply then !

It´s a great forums this one, thanks !!