Protect Incoming Mail

Hi everybody

Need some advice, although I am not sure this is the right forum?

I use Win 7 Home Premium with Thunderbird mail client. Given the latest furore about GoZeus and Cryptolocker, it set me thinking.

I really do not know what or how CIS7 does to protect my Thunderbird incoming email, nor do I know what one can do to strengthen email security within Comodo.

Could somebody explain what, if any inherent protection is available and any “tweaking” that can be done. Any other suggestions “outside of the box are welcome”



CIS does not have an email filter like it doesn’t have a web and other filters. Comodo believes they are not necessary because it is still early enough when the virus gets detected when it hits memory or hard drive. These filters only make a program more heavy.

I haven’t used an email filter from before when I started using CIS 3.5 and it never got me infected. Before CIS I was using Comodo Firewall with Avira AV which also does not have an email filter.

To be secure follow How to Install Comodo Firewall by my colleague Chiron. That will make your system secure.