Protect certain cookies from deletion

Hi. In some circumstances you may want to be able to keep certain cookies from deletion, but still able to use delete all function. An exclude these cookies from deletion section similar to Ccleaner but built direct into Dragon. Please comment and vote. Thanks.

You might want to check out the extension Vanilla.

It allows you to whitelist cookies and automatically delete all cookies but those on the whitelist either at browser startup or every 30 minutes. (or both)

But I agree that cookie management in the Chromium variants is lacking. More robust cookie management would be welcome. I’m just not sure how much the Dragon team is willing to actually include additional functionality to the browser instead of just making security fixes. I personally think that adding functionality to the browser that other variants lack would draw in more users.

I would love to see functionality like the Cookie Monster extension for Firefox.

With this extension, you could directly access Firefoxes cookie permissions. You could leave cookies turned off by default, and with two clicks you could give permissions to allow a site to either permanently accept cookies, temporarily accept cookies, (a one-time acceptance) or allow session cookies. (Cookies are deleted when the browser is closed, but cookies are accepted each time you visit the site)

does any browser have this suggestion built in by default?

if not, i really don’t understand why. it seems like browsers really take their time maximizing management of various things and sometimes don’t include standard features like native rss support and management.

yes most users don’t use rss but the number of users are growing and i think more people would use it if the feature had a name that better clued the average user into what it does and how to use it. but i’m rambling and i’ll stop now

Thanks guys.

Not that I have ever come across. Kind regards.