Protect ALL registry keys.

I want to add all my windows registry keys to the Protected Registry Keys menu. I want to do this because then I can know when something is trying to change my registry files. Then I can allow only some programs to change things in the registry.

How do I add all the keys in my registry to the Protected Registry Keys menu?

Important: I don’t want to 1 key at a time.

I tried to do this (click the picture link)

but I don’t think it added all the keys in those folders.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Well, I’ve never tried doing that, but it should work. The asterisk shown after the registry key is a wildcard. HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT*.

This means that any key starting with HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT will be covered by that wildcard instead of needing each individual path.

It’s similar to a folder path with a wildcard. C:\Program Files* would cover every folder inside your program files folder.


Thanks for making everything clear.