ProSecurity HIPS Owner/Developer Joins Comodo

This was brought to the moderators’ attention a couple of days ago, by Melih:

You might have (or not : ) noticed that Pro-Security HIPS is no longer. The reason is: The sole developer/owner has now decided to Join Comodo. He was trying to sell pro-security code to someone else. We are glad that he joined Comodo to increase our ever growing R&D capability. He has already contributed towards CIS within the last weeks and look forward to his further contribution.

Later from Melih:

It is now ok to publicly acknowledge that the main architect/developer (owner) of Pro-Security has Joined our Beijing R&D center. We are continually expanding our capability to provide even better products to market.

Congratulations to the former developer of ProSecurity HIPS, and congratulations to Comodo!

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