Props for some WONDERFUL people!

First of all, as far as the forum is concerned, I’d like to take a moment and offer my EXTREME gratitude to several folks who have done yeoman’s work in helping out here in the BOClean forum … props go out to REDNOSE, and ~cat~ for helping out so many people where I just didn’t have the spare time to show up myself … guys? Take a BOW! :slight_smile:

I also want to extend my extreme appreciation to the “guys behind the scenes” who have gone the extra mile to ensure that BOClean maintains its standards and quality as far as the research goes … and that’s my folks Umesh, Baskar, Venkat, Suresh, Igor and a cast of hundreds! And of course Melih for keeping his promise, and keeping it real! And for free to newcomers, as well as keeping the promise to our original PSC customers!

If it weren’t for YOU guys, I can assure everyone else that BOClean would have died the death of a thousand cuts. It’s one thing to charge ONCE for software, never mindful in our old days as to just how BAD things would get (Nancy and I figured Microsoft would eventually get a clue and become as secure as a MAC some day) as to JUST how expensive the research and updates would cost us when there was no money coming in after the “sale.” Words cannot DESCRIBE how grateful the world should be that COMODO picked up BOClean and continues to do what Nancy and I would NOT have been able to continue with costs ever rising to “keep the promise” and income forever dropping off.

It’d be NICE if people would show their appreciation here … :slight_smile:

A big thank you to all the staff including Kevin (:CLP)
Also to all the moderators who have helped in may ways (:CLP)
Not forgeting Rednose (:CLP)
Well done Comodo :BNC

always being one of the first to complain I’d like to get at the top of the list for saying thanks :-TU :-TU :-TU

our appreciation is shown by our loyalty to a great product

growing old with Boclean [I think that’s going a tad too far but you get my point]

Thanks all for mentioning me … but it’s not ABOUT me here … I get paid to do what I do, as do my guys …

No … the APPRECIATION should go to my guys, as well as the VOLUNTEERS here who do NOT get paid and do what they do SOLELY because of their faith in BOClean! They do not have a REASON for what they do other than their faith and love, and that goes for Melih as well … COMODO Anti-Malware (BOClean) is but a MONEY HOLE for COMODO … costs money, don’t bring IN any money … and THAT is the “real” here … along with the gift of time and effort amongst all those I’ve mentioned.

From day one, Melih believed in BOClean although PSC’s customers dwindled. And my other guys, mentioned in bold are the reason why we can still keep UP, and AHEAD of the threats. Yeah, those guys are employees, but I’ve seen them go way beyond the pale in ensuring that any FP’s and malware are taken care of properly and quickly. And whilst some have been ragging about “Oh, COMODO taking over BOClean sucks” … FP’s and all that workload was business as usual in the “old days” as well … COMODO has, as far as I am concerned, done VERY well in keeping BOClean “real.”

But REDNOSE and ~cat! are volunteers here, and just like my OTHER guys deserve your thanks!

Me? I’m just earning my cheque. :slight_smile:

Thanks to Kevin - because without him the product may not have got up and running , then to his guys who helped make it happen.
Rednose and the forum people - because without them I don’t know what I would do without their advice.

Thanks Kev :slight_smile:

I realy appreciate this, but I am only for the fun here :wink:

Greetz, Red.

As someone who has used BOClean for almost a decade, please accept my sincere thanks to all involved in keeping this wonderful product alive and truly valuable :slight_smile:

Thank you Kevin, I really appreciate that!

Imagine how many more people we managed to keep safe thanks to you and everyone involved!

That’s what Comodo is about, securing end users!

Actually I just Posted this that shows how what Comodo is doing benefiting everyone one and all the security vendors worldwide!


I think everyone single member of this forum is great. We have over 45900+ members here and look at how well this place is ran. As far as i can see every person who has had issues/questions have got help. The helpers here are truly great. And i mean the Whole Comodo dev team too. That means Kevin too with BOClean :-TU You all have done a great job on these great products. (:CLP)

Many thanks going out to Red, ~cat~, other forum helpers, Comodo staff, Kevin & Melih for all your hard work. :-TU

(:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP)

(:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP)
@ rednose :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

@~cat~ ???


(:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP)

:BNC Thanks everyone. Ganda, thanks for the humourous Spam to read. Kevin, I loved reading your posts, with your touch of humour too… even though you don’t post in other forums like ya used to (lack of time).

Oh noes! Cheese it, everyone, “boss man” is looking in! Heh.

When I released BOClean 1.0 ten years ago, I figured there’d only be a need for it for only a very short period of time as the “security industry” caught up with early trojans and handled those with the same ease that they had been handling “file infectors” with for the previous 15 years. I never imagined that there’d continue to be a need for what BOClean does, what the firewalls do, and all the other security programs do. And even more amazed that the sheer volume of nasties out there multiplies exponentially without end. I had expected the “war” to have been won years ago. Now we all know better and know how important what we do here is. :frowning:

It’s been an INTERESTING ride playing with “the big boys” and once again, wish folks knew what extreme quality talent you’ve got working here. I’ve been immensely impressed, particularly at the creativity I see towards numerous challenges we’ve seen and dealt with. You’ve hired some truly amazing people across the planet.

Thanks for letting me play! Now about that private railcar I wanted … heh.

I just wanted to Congratulate the entire Comodo staff members & Forum Moderators & Helpers!

STAFF:You guys have done an amazing Job, Over 200 programmers working on all your products, and keeping up to date with the latest threats, in the most professional way I have seen. Kevin, ,MAJOR Credit goes to you also and your team!

Now, we also have the best support forum IMO, With a great professional Moderation Team. Also thank you to Rednosew & others!!! Without all this, I don’t think We would see Comodo being SO SUCCESSFUL!

Keep up the good work guys!!! :slight_smile:


Big :-TU to all involved especially the volunteers as they are usually forgotten about.