Proposal for comodo

Hey guys! I really love my comodo internet security premium! I am more than happy with him. But have something to add here and that is really disappointing me. When comodo 5 is scanning, i can not minimize scan window to sistem tray. I really need that. And second thing about comodo. I will love to make more update and be more effective like nod32. Great product, but competition is strong especially kaspersky. ;D
Hope you will fix that with scan window :wink:

Hi and welcome. During scanning untick show on top within scan window (Bottom left corner), then click anywhere off that window. Hope this helps. Kind regards.
Edit- A Mod will probably move this to the CIS section. Thanks.

Thanks for replying to me! I know this :slight_smile:
But i wanna to minimize to tray :slight_smile:
Hope you guys add that option in next update of COMODO
Support is great, nothing can be perfect as comodo product + support :slight_smile:
keep it up!

Sorry my mistake. The option your suggesting would be a good idea, in the mean time I not sure if this could help or not.
Kind regards.

It is ok! ;D
Yea, it is good idea. I hope COMODO will fix that :slight_smile: