Properly allign CIS interface elements

Marked locations are not aesthetically alligned. I’ve reconstructed a fixed version of GUI.
I just properly alligned elements that were marked on first screenshot. It’s a minor thing that makes a huge difference. I know 4.0 will have new GUI but to be honest, thats still far away and this fix shouldn’t take much effor.


There was some talk about this earlier, if I recall right. Back then, some users liked the misaligned GUI, while others were in favour of the aligned version.

I, for one, like the aligned version better. Should be a pretty trivial fix.

Also by doing so you gain extra space for System Status, so you can also fix this:

…at the same time. More space for System Status means easier implementation of those warnings when certain features in CIS are disabled. We could snap 2 features at once.

Good idea!

+1 from me :-TU

Beanie :slight_smile:


+1 :-TU