proper installation method [Resolved]

Removed CPF after a few weeks due to problems but wish to try again. I’m sure I read somewhere in the forum that the best way to install is to remove any other firewall, antivirus & antispyware programs currently installed before installing CPF. Then reinstall antivirus & antispyware programs. Could someone please verify this for me. Hope that doing installation exacty step by step will produce desired result this time around. Thanks in advance for your time & knowledge.

I’m new to Comodo and I too am facing problems with it and trying to find a solution. All I can do to help you is to that you only need to uninstall your previous firewall (if not just install Comodo) before installing Comodo. No need to unstall anti virus or other.

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Definately remove any other firewall before installing comodo. It has been recommended for years that before installing any software you should disable any antivirus progs you have running, being a lazy ■■■■■■ nowadays I don’t bother with this any more. You could close progs in the system tray to free up more resources. I don’t really see any need to uninstall any anti spy. I didn’t and didn’t have any problems.
I had a few problems with comodo but perserved and things are rockin along now. I wonder if I should have said that (tempting fate)

Sullo (R)

There is a noob install guide in the faqs.

Good to have you back again, seadog. The safest procedure if you want to start from scratch without formatting your pc is to:

  1. Have a backup of all your security setup files
  2. Disconnect from the internet (unplug your cables if you have to ;D)
  3. Uninstall all security programs (this includes completely disabling the Windows Firewall). Lots of reboots in between are expected.
  4. Run registry cleaning programs, such as CCleaner, but be careful as you should back up your registry in case you accidentally selected important components.
  5. Always install the firewall first (but never the Windows firewall :P)
  6. Install your anti-virus
  7. Install your anti-spyware or anti-whatever programs

I agree with sullo that uninstallation of anti-spyware might not be necessary, especially if they are only on-demand scanners (not the real-time ones).

Soyabeaner…Thanks for the info. I was certain I had read these steps somewhere in this forum in answer to a problem someone else was having. I know it is more work to do it this way but I want to give it the best chance for a good result. It’s always easier to do it right the first time and not have to do it over. Thanks again.

Let us see how your system progresses if and after you complete these steps. 8)


As has been pointed out, you do not have to uninstall programs like AV, etc; in my experience it is generally acceptable to disable them. However, some applications may have some resident “active” features that remain active even after turning off/disabling/exiting the application. Said features have a habit of then interfering with the firewall installation.

If you have experienced such things before with your security software, you may want to uninstall the AV etc; it will take a little longer but will obviously prevent potential conflicts. If on the other hand, you know that when you turn your AV etc Off, it is truly Off, then it’s probably not an issue.


Thanks to all for your time & advice. As posted earlier I choose to take the long route and totally uninstall nod32 av & sas before installing firewall. Took a little longer but seems to have been worth it. All went smoothly & PC seems happy.

Little Mac…point well taken re disabling. I didn’t think of it.

Good. :slight_smile: