Prompts overload with new apps!

The new version is really getting there, no problems at all on my XPproSP2 machine.
My only gripe is when installing a new application, it will prompt me to OK it for every file used by that app.
eg the recent bug fix update from MS had me clicking what seemed like 50-70 times. Hello to RSI!

Can in the next revision something be done to reduce this to one or two clicks per app. if possible?

Also maybe seems a little too sensitive to changes like a Firefox extension update will prompt again for an OK.

Or is there a work round?
Fairly new to this so sorry if I have missed something.

Did you try selecting “Treat as an Updater/Installer” instead of clicking every prompt? That should get rid of the other popups.

Sorry! I should have said that default choice update/installer is the one I have used every time.
Another example is I just sent a fax from my PC for the first time and counted seven OKs for the all the windows fax wizard components. It just seems a little OTT!

Do you also OK the “switch to update mode” popup that goes with it. These seem to get rid of the popups for me. The fax wizard may need to be trusted; don’t know, haven’t used it. What Security Level settings do you have for the firewall and for D+?

Mmm… Switch to update mode? To be honest no! I will look for it next time.
My network defense is ‘train with safe mode’ and D+ is ‘clean PC mode’
I have tried to leave things at default as much as possible.

OK, select the box with “treat as updater or installer” and say OK. Then a popup should ask you if you want to switch to installation mode, and say yes. You will get another popup in about 5 minutes asking if you want to switch back to your previous mode.

Ah Got it! OK this looks like a fix!!
Told you I was new!
Thanks for this basic help!