Promised update??

What about the promised update of the last week?? (:TNG)

Promised? I think you’ll find that there were careful use of words like… should, possibly, maybe, could, etc… ;D

it still is promised…
we are trying to get it out today…
wish us luck…


Thanks Melih.
Don’t worry, if it isn’t today… tomorrow, or when you want.

That’s nice. I can’t wait. (:CLP)
Now, I’ve posted a possible bug here:;new#new
and none of the Comodo staff replied. Maybe you can take a look. :slight_smile:

Pardon me for intruding without being completly sure of what is being discussed here, but are you people discussing about a possible update to CFP 3 being released today?

Because if you are then I’m saying: don’t hold back on the update just as you weren’t with CFP3’s release, but this time I’m voting YES. :wink:

we will make (most likely) a release today. However we will only PM the URL to affected people (or people who ask for it). Cos we don’t want this version end up in download sites etc…

if this fixes the issues that people had, then it will go into production…

Where and how can we apply to such copy for testing? A bug I guess related to the 8.3 file naming prevented me to install it on another computer in the family. If that is also fixed in it I can test it out. At least on that configuration.
(for me it works perfectly except few crashes but I sent the dump file thru the error reporting wizard. I hope it will be checked)

we will let you know how…

today is fast running out… :frowning:

it maybe tomorrow i am afraid…

keep your fingers crossed… the dev guys did an amazing job at fixing many major bugs.


Don’t worry.

(V) (B) (L)


Good luck and thank you. (R)

Let me know. I will test for you whether the 8.3 problem with AVG antivirus. I love those “weekly” in between builds… I am always browsing with the latest weekly build of Opera browser … :■■■■

Wouldn’t it be better if they just flagged the build as BETA and released it in the Beta Corner forum? Many people here just make one or two posts and won’t know that there’s a new build up for testing. Releasing it in the beta corner allows for a broader acces hence more thorough testing by the users plus it makes it much easier for people to see that there is a new version available. As for the leaking issue, Microsoft’s SPs and Vista beta builds leaked and they were distributed with much more caution, do you REALLY think the new build won’t leak, no matter how secret you keep it?

Thanks everybody :BNC

I wait for the update that in hope solve problems about the 100% use of the cpu and the impossibility to use windows update :SMLR

So there a good chance the update will be released soon sweet :BNC …I had the same slowness issue with CFP like a “few” others and really need that update

pls go to this thread if you had problems with update of v3


I can’t see nothing… (:SAD)