Prolific Goldfish Removal


I’m having trouble locating where prolific goldfish - wpglefsh.sci - has hidden itself so I can remove it from my mother’s computer. She’s 88 so can’t really follow what I’m saying all that well so I remote in and still can’t find it.



You could try following this guide.:

Also whats the directory of wpglefsh.sci?

Can you not just change the screensaver using Control Panel?

No clue. A scan doe not find it and yet it pops up a window.

Doesn’t show up on the list. Searching for *.sci does not find it. Searching for wpglefsh does not find it.

From the sound of it you may have a Rootkit try using the porgram below to scan for it.

Please make sure that Explorer will show all hidden and system files. Go to Control Panel → Folder options and let it show and unhide hidden and system files and folders.If it is a legit Microsoft file it may be a false positive.