Project KNOS ( Kevin & Nancy's OS )

@Panic… Yes I asked them to be moved as they were Off-topic… Now they are not viewable. I wonder why.

Read your PM or read my reply above. Your choice. :wink:

Boys please :-\

Ewen, can you pm Kevin too with an explanation why you moved Melih’s and his post? I am sure he will understand it.

I feel realy bad about this. This is not what I wanted …

Greetz, Red.

OK Kyle, let’s look at it another way.

How about YOU tell US which board, of the many on these forums, would be the most suitable to hold them beaing in mind that it is a topic solely focussed on what should be a private matter between the CEO of Comodo and a former employee?

IMHO, this is airing dirty laundry and should never have been done in public. Under some circumstances, doing so could affect future proceedings.

Ewen :slight_smile:

It’s not my decision.

No worries Rednose. I’ll do that. I agree. This hasn’t gone how we like it either. :o

Finally we’ve got some screenshots :wink:

( see )

His last sentence ( on WS - not quoted here ) was about a book he started to write against Comodo.

( From search/cache/google/others you found what is not here : Kevin is an intelligent guy and I wish him all the best, there is no animosity from my side at all and I wish him well.Melih etc )

He never heard of torrent distribution so far and open source neither but comparing a personal k&N project with Ubuntu is ridiculous enough.

It looks like he loses his mind… again. Sorry but this is all Bull$**t. I love you guys. Peace.

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Looks very much like Linux…

Iam not visually “blown away”. But maby I have weird taste. (:KWL)

Not enough info to make many comments I think… But we do know that Kevin and Nancy are very intelligent… Looking forward to seeing what happens :slight_smile:

Some info are seemingly available:

Base OS: BSD (probably FreeBSD, other BSD available probably to be filtered by BSD licensing type eg:OpenBSD, NetBSD, DragonFly BSD, DesktopBSD, PC-BSD )

GUI: Gnome
Windows Compatibility: WINE, NTFS Read only FS.
Browser: Firefox.

Can’t understand why there’s so much made of the appearance of distros of Linux - I always modify GUIs of OSs anyway - it’s what it does that’s important.
I’d still like to know more, though.

I suspect it is of primary importance to those users who are not familiar with Linux… in fact, it might actually be the only thing to consider for these users.

Though though the reference might be outdated it looks Linus Tovalds harshly confirmed that Gnome was tailored for people who can’t tell the difference between a computer and a toaster.

From what I understood it looks like design direction were weighted to minimize the chance of complexity and end user confusion thus apparently a fitting choice for KNOS design goals.

Linus versus GNOME 2007 article is also featured a reply from a senior GNOME developer.

I have no clue in this regard, and probably all of this is now outdated, though not long ago it looked like there was some difference between Gnome and KDE GUIs

1st edit:
GNOME vs. KDE: Which Has the Evolutionary Advantage? might provide a more updated review.
2nd edit:
Ten reasons Gnome has the edge on KDE and Torvalds back to GNOME. KDE responds pretty much confirm that Gnome appear a better choice ATM.

Yes it was outdated since Linus Torvalds ditches KDE 4 for GNOME ( ‘‘I hate the fact that my right button doesn’t do what I want it to do’’).

Now both were updated since and you can even use KDE & GNOME together like in Ubuntu Ultimate edition v2.3.

Linux is not the topic sorry :a0

Probably linux binary compatibly might have been disabled in KNOS as well. :smiley:

The speculation on KNOS is humorous. For those who have encouraged us, stay tuned. For now, because I am on unemployment (thanks, Melih) I cannot work on the KNOS project nor can I do anything on “Looking for work” time and that’s highly limiting since it’s on hold until either I can gain employment with someone willing to develop it, or have investors come forward saying “let’s see this - WE’LL pay you for your time.” Such is the damocles sword. Sadder than anything, I was perfectly willing to make it available to COMODO since remarkably, COMODO has pretty much all of the infrastructure in place already to have made it happen. :frowning:

But Melih couldn’t be bothered listening the several times I tried to offer it to him. I guess the loss of what revenue this will generate in CAPABLE hands is an issue for him and his stockholders. Even tried to get Michael whatsisname, his CFO to listen. But then communications within COMODO is rarely more than OK THX BRB in MSN messenger. That’s as technical as it ever got there.

So as my final comment here, GOOGLE was kind enough to wait to refresh their caches until we could get snapshots of the original COMODO forum (yep, “security” for what happens here is typical COMODO) for our attorney’s “discovery” since Melih refuses to correct my wage shortages from when I worked there, the caches are still there for those who can catch them before GOOGLE refreshes … screen captures I collected were here:

Page 1:

Page 2:

I’ll remember COMODO as “history, revised daily” and the motto of course. Trust cannot be created, it has to be earned. FAIL. :frowning:

(you guys can delete my account, have no reason to come back here)

Kevin, perhaps you should have read some of the previous pages (not about KNOS) before you posted that. Melih, or anybody at Comodo for that matter, had nothing to do with the disappearance of your (and other) posts. That was actually done by a Mod at a users request and the posts were not deleted, just hidden from view whilst it was decided where to put them. Originally they were moved to the Policy Violation board (visible to all), but since they were not totally in violation of the forum policy it was decided not to leave them there for fear of giving the wrong impression.

We can’t. Delete it yourself, if that’s what you want.

With that, this topic is locked. Sorry Red, the above post is most obviously OT flame-bait and KNOS isn't going anywhere in the short term (as stated by the author).