Project KNOS ( Kevin & Nancy's OS )

As to "project KNOS" (that's its temporary name, "Kevin & Nancy's OS") it is indeed derived from BSD, but a much later version than Mac OSX chose, and runs on a much greater variety of hardware. And unlike BSD, it's actually easier and friendlier than Windows (and especially Linux) and the GUI we've assembled looks like a cross between Vista and OSX. We took the best aspects of both and melded them into something that makes sense. KNOS even runs classic DOS and some Win32 stuff but actually contains its own versions of various things from browsers to office stuff. Even comes with just about everything everyone already uses on Windows. We even let you READ your Windows disk, USB's, etc into our OS should you want to export stuff to sites. And we protect those from attack as well because nobody can write to them! We also provide a means to copy back with protection using a USB stick as an intermediary though so that you can turn off the internet in Windows should you want to continue to use that on your machine. But I only use Windows rarely now - this is really that much better. No joke!

The PRIMARY value to what we’ve done however is assembling a “world” where you don’t HAVE to use a firewall, don’t NEED an AV, and in the event that somewhere down the road it becomes popular enough and someone actually finds some means of exploiting KNOS, just turn it off and start it again, and whatever happened never happened, nothing can possibly stick.

I think that’s a useful answer to the problem of malware, and it’s designed for people who can’t tell the difference between a computer and a toaster. That was our design philosophy with NSClean, IEClean, BOClean and all else Nancy and I did for the intarwebs. Make it simple, make it unobtrusive, and leave folks alone to what they want to do in peace and privacy. There’s nothing anyone has to do other than use it. Worries not included, no need for them. You can even look at PDF’s, Flash content, anything that’s deadly on Windows and still no worries. We even handle privacy issues like we did with NSClean and IEClean. Close the browser, kiss your trail byebye! Everything you do gets forgotten as soon as you do it. (grin)

Only problem we have right now is we’re ready to go with it, but can’t find sufficient financing at the moment to “make it so.” We’re working on that … if anyone here is actually intested, I’ll post some screenies another time. It’s pretty.

But our particular problem right now is that the distribution is about 1.4 gigabytes. The bandwidth is a killer and without any income at the moment, can’t be handing it out right now except in person. However, in the hands of an operation that DOES have the bandwidth (and the morals) to do this - KNOS is bound to be far more useful than Ubuntu or anything like it. So that’s where things are right now …

From here : Matousec needs some more tests. | Page 2 | Wilders Security Forums

I have to admit that my guess for BSD, on witch Kevin answers here, was an easy one ( I know Kev a little :wink: ), but his project is new to me as well :slight_smile:

Greetz. Red.

Looks very interesting, Red. Pity it’s not easily available - perhaps Kevin will find a site to host it (Sourceforge? - unless that requires code as well).

I feel much sympathy for Kevin, being sucked dry and discarded (that’s the impression that I’ve gained - don’t know what really happened).

KNOS is the sort of thing that I’d like to try - after I’ve had time to try the IE-less XP Pro that’s waiting on a CD.

Yes, Project KNOS sounds interesting.
Yes, Kevin is a smart guy.
Yes, they’re both over at Wilders.

Off you go… :slight_smile:

Looks very interesting :slight_smile:


Thank you for the explanation. I do hope that you and Kevin aren’t now enemies!

Guys, can you please stay on topic ?

I started this topic not only because it is an interesting project, but also with the idea to invite Kevin to give some more info, screenshots and maybe a chance to test KNOS.

Maybe the personal issues can be split off in a seperate topic ? Thnx in advance !

Greetz, Red.


Your original post you posted has a link and in that post it does have references to Comodo.
Based on that, I don’t see anything being off topic on this.

Hope you understand…




Judging by the topic title that Rednose made I think that he just wants to talk about KNOS.
After all, It is his topic right? I think he knows why he made it ;D

Back on topic- Rednose, Has Kevin thought about initially sharing it VIA p2p? I’d quite happily DL and seed.


You’re the mod… Not me! Better get moving those posts :wink:

A sizable quantity of non-KNOS related posts have been split and moved from this topic. As a result, this topic reads a bit fractured.

Please keep all subsequent posts on topic - KNOS.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Where have they been moved to?

Despite it appeared the OP didn’t have any intention to relay the animosity toward Comodo featured in the original post on Wilders, some members followed the link provided and elicited a response after reading those unquoted comments.

It looks these aspects monopolized everybody’s interest at the expense of KNOS project itself which was finally disregarded by everyone.

Hopefully the fact everybody’s attention was so easily diverted doesn’t meant that KNOS is dead on its tracks whenever is currently put on hold.
Probably all that is needed to revive the interest would be a few screenshots and some more details/specifics to complement the outlined description of KNOS design goals.

Though it looks no early preview release will be available due to funding constraints, early availability might also positively affect the chance of sponsorship/funding.

File hosting services might provide a workaround at least in early stages whereas some provider offer revenue sharing programs that could seemingly contribute to initial funding.

Maybe deleted…I couldn’t find them with a search. :-\

Yes, I agree with Endymion…he should post screenies or something to gain a bit more interest.

I was PM’ed by a mod. “They do not need to be publicly viewable”
TBH I’m sick of the whole thing to do with comodo. So many things being said about comodo and the more I hear these things the more I am starting to believe them, There is no way Kevin made that post up and that’s why it’s been taken away from the public eye.

It saddens me that Comodo seems to be getting a reputation for being intolerant and aggressive. The basic concepts are laudable but the execution seems to be veering towards religiously fanatical/dictatorial.

I’d be happy if Comodo were more open to [justified] criticism and less ready to challenge opinions and decisions that are, let’s face it, of its own making in some cases.

I wonder if there was actually any chance for KNOS to begin with, considering its relevance in this topic has been so easily superseded by all involved members.

Whenever the difference between mudslinging and criticism might be subtle and each member might be eager to rehash his own viewpoint and argue about a possible distinction in this topic it saddens me that Kevin would be in such bad term with Comodo and that this whole topic is still monopolized by backlashes brought forth by the unquoted parts of his original post.

Kyle, they were moved because YOU asked me to.

No-one else. No other reason.


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I have sent you a PM explaining that they are currently in an off-limits boards while we decide where they fit, if anywhere.

I really don’t get it. I did what you asked and you now query my action. If I hadn’t done what you asked, you would have queried that inaction. ■■■■■■ if we do and ■■■■■■ if we don’t.

Ewen :slight_smile:

The problem is that the critic may sound “reasonable” to people at wilders since those people tend to lack more than most basic computer knowledge and are being mislead by a few “well speaking” technical users that basically enjoys luring people to believe there is a problem when there is none. Ofc when junk criticism is presented its not going to be taken as “ohh yeah, we are wrong”, it will be met with counter arguments.

Unfortunatly counter-arguments are not met with new arguments, but rather “ohh your such a fanboy” or some other off-topic attack. They are totally unwilling to listen, not us, we listen and respond. The people making weird stupid accusations need to be ready and willing to listen and accept our arguments as well and prove any counter arguments wrong. But they don’t…

They can’t cus usually we ARE correct and the accusation is just bogus… But they gets correct anyway, since they say some bungo jumbo about how fan-boyish “we” are.

Unfortunately on pages like wilders its “the loudest is most correct”… And there is in least from my experience a tendency to accept “accusations” but when one is saying “hey, thats not correct” they close threads and hand out warnings… Making a debate and our chance to prove that its not as bad as some trolls is claiming virtually impossible… An other forum that full of Bs is “Callendar of updates” were a stupid M$ MVP is unable to see that SafeSurf is not equal to ASK toolbar and keeps being a bitching about CIS having a toolbar… But at least there you are welcome with a different opinion. On wilders there is a don’t ask policy were you are not allowed to discuss moderation decisions… And they banned Melih, for talking about CIS… Yet we see all those security experts working for PrevX, blupoint security, OA and similar companies being allowed there to do very aggressive marketing… The mods simply don’t want us there and won’t allow CIS/comodo to present it self in a similar fashion as the other products/companies…

------- ON TOPIC ------

I think KNOS sounds like an interesting project…

Some screen-shots would be great… But it feels kinda hard discussing a product we can’t test and don’t know how it looks… All we have is a few quotes…

------- ON TOPIC ------

The argument that he has trouble getting the bandwidth needed is bulls…
He is just trying to get some sponsors… :wink: :-TU

There is a lot in Kevins post that I find missleading, but I will not bother pointing them all out… And just wish him the best of luck, writing a OS takes some balls… :smiley: :-TU