I just got the lastest version of CIS via update. I have been reading that CMF will be discontinued since it it now part of CIS. I nerved used CMF stand-alone. I hear that BOClean will be discontinued as well when it becomes part of CIS, but I don’t have the antivirus installed. I guess I will miss out on that Protection. I am not using BOCLean, anyway. Not sure if I need the protection.

It is so confusing to decide what programs I need to install. Of course, Comodo will say I need it all. If they start adding these programs to CIS, Then I’ll have no choice. I just hope Comodo doesn’t start add stuff to CIS and make it too bloated. I think my syatem is as protected as it can be.

Win XP SP3 (Home)
CIS 3.8 Firewall and D+
AVG 8.0 antivirus
Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition
Windows Defender
Spybot S&D 1.6.2 (not sure of the version, but it is the latest)

Firewall is set to Custom. I like being ask about programs the first time so that I can decide. D+ is set to Clean PC. I have been running default options, but I turned on keyboard protection in D+ because I heard that it protects my from keylogger programs.

I also have the lastest Windows updates and using Firefox as my primary browser. I still use IE 7 on occassion. I have a router installed.

What do you guys think of my setup? Any suggestions or comments?

memory firewall (CMF) is on by default when you do a clean install.
Defense±>Advanced->image execution->general tab. Make sure Shellcode Injection is checked. (This is the memory firewall).