Programs wont start on Tray

Since I installed Comodo firewall new version, it seems that several programs wont start on the tray on windows startup.
For example: The “AC power” icon that manages the battery status on win XP Pro SP2, The “Volume” Audio icon and programs like “ADC” (Active Desktop Calendar)

The only way to put them back in the tray is to go to the Control Panel and uncheck the “Show in tray” and then recheck it again and pressing Apply.
But… As soon as the system restarts it goes away again.

What should I do?


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this is very theoretical and dont bite if dont work.

try to add to components monitor systray.exe.

you might need reboot.


Now there’s another icon gone… the Windows WiFi connection manager.
I cant choose now which network to connect.
Why this is happening? is it a bug or what?


its not uncommon that windows itself looses some icons while boot, so i cant really judge.

try this: look for autostart cpf.exe, rename there to cpf.exo

reboot and if os is there, then start comodo by hand from programs menu.


if that dont help, its might a bug and then look in the FAQ posted here on top

I fixed it, It is a Windows BUG after all.
Disabled the services: SSDP, UPNP.
My precious little icons are back :BNC

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