Programs stop working. Memory cannot be read.

I had had this issue more then once, on many different computers I install Comodo on. I install Comodo Firewall only, and I get programs have stopped working errors, memory cannot be read errors. As soon as I uninstall Comodo Firewall, the problem goes away.
Today, something new happened. Well, kinda. Usually the problems are there right away. Today, I have had Comodo installed on my personal computer for months, no issue. Today, I get programs have stopped working, memory cannot be read. On other computers I have uninstalled, and reinstalled several (Up to 4) times, to ensure that it wasn’t just a bad install.
Now, what is going on with this software? Why is is causing this?

Do you have Enable adaptive mode under low system resources enabled? Try disabling it and see what happens

a) Where do I find it
b) does it matter that “Low system resources” doesn’t apply. One computer this happened with has a 4 core processor that is never over 25% used, 8 gigs of ram, and at LEAST a terabyte of free hard drive space.

Hi shadow,

have you checked in unrecognized files if there are no files of the programs having problems? If these programs have frequent updates, new files may not be instantly in CIS whitelist.

Is their anything at all common among the computers you have had this problem on? Other common programs or setups?
Edit-32bit or 64bit correct?

Yes, but it points to the issue being Comodo.
Fresh, brand new install of windows (Format, deleting everything on the drive) is the common denominator to most of them. Some XP, some Vista, some 7. Some 32 bit, some 64. I install the programs I install in alphabetical order (Or did before I realized comodo was causing all the issues) so each computer would have Adobe reader 9.1, c++ redistributable 2005 & 2008, ccleaner. None of these programs would have been actually executed, just installed. I then started to install Comodo last, to ensure it wasn’t something else. But always, on the computers it causes issues, right after the reboot for installing Comodo.
As if right now, I am (for obvious reasons) installing a competitive product. I would rather go back to Comodo, I do prefer it to the others.

Just click on it. I made it clickable.

b) does it matter that "Low system resources" doesn't apply. One computer this happened with has a 4 core processor that is never over 25% used, 8 gigs of ram, and at LEAST a terabyte of free hard drive space.
Just test it.. ;)

To Shadow. Sorry I not much help here, but I am concerned about possible compatability issues with maybe that version of Adobe reader and current CIS. I know it would be a lot of messing about but I would like to see how it works without Adobe installed. The reason I think this is possible is I have heard of unlikely compatability issues in the past, and it would seem as if that is another common. I also know you have said none of these other programs were started but Adobe does have start up processes at boot. If their is a issue between those two it would be nice to know. Nothing against your programs choice but I personally don’t use Adobe reader, and have not had any issues like you have described. Apart from that thought I do apologise for not being able to help here. It is entirely up to you as to whether you try it without Adobe, but if you do could you please post back the results. Good luck and thanks.

The next time I encounter these issues, I will try Comodo before Adobe reader, or uninstalled Adobe Reader. I do remove the Adobe Reader Quicklaunch from start up, but I don’t know for sure if I have ever done it before the problems appeared. In any event, I shall play a bit with it. I know 10 is out, is that any better?
And as far as Adobe Reader, I do agree with you 100%, the issue is that it is generally the program that everyone else has used before and knows. Customers like as little change as possible, and a system format always comes with big changes.

Just test it.. ;)
I will test that as well next computer I have an issue with.

I don’t know what functionality differences are between Adobe Reader V9.1 and v10 someone who uses it might be able to help with that. I understand why you are concerned about changes, but I would personally be trying the latest version even if it is just for possible security, stability and compatability issues which could be resolved with the current version. If you do find it is a issue between Adobe and CF I would suggest alternative Readers, and I would also let Comodo know. Good luck with it, and thankyou for your efforts to try CF without Adobe next time. Thanks for your time and Kind regards.

I don't know what functionality differences are between Adobe Reader V9.1 and v10 someone who uses it might be able to help with that

Adobe Reader 10 is in fact Adobe Reader x. It is more secure than the traditional Adobe Reader (version 9) and runs by default in an embedded sandbox.

I can’t test it. The setting doesn’t exist

Well, now it has hit the last straw! Now its f*cking with windows update! I have been in the middle of update 2/3 since before my last post, over 1/2 hour. All this troubleshooting to fix COMODOS problem is costing me money, and now I will likely need to do a reinstall, because I have to push reset in the middle of the update. I am done with this. Comodo firewall is faulty. That is obvious. It happens on brand new systems. I built this one with my own hands, with brand new parts. Please forward all this information to the developers, so they can correct their faulty software. Until such time as this is corrected, I unfortunatly cannot support Comodo, and feel obligated to inform my customers and clients about this serious problem. Comodos RAPID response to correcting this issue will likely change my mind. In addition, should the developers with to contact me, they may feel free to do so. I would rather get this program running then abandon it totally, but am no longer willing to troubleshoot their software for them without being paid. Troubleshooting computers problems is what I do for a living, and what I get paid to do.

I do hope this serious error in the comodo firewall will be taken seriously, and fixed immediately.

You’re using an older version of Comodo. It would be a good idea to update.