Programs randomly freezing in sandbox.

I recently updated to version 7 and I have started to get random freezes of sandboxed programs. It’s happening with Miranda IRC and Firefox, the big problem is I can’t then stop the programs. I’ve tried to end the process in task manager and tried killswitch, even resetting the sandbox won’t work as the program will stay frozen. The only thing that works is restarting the computer.

I have used these programs sandboxed since V6 and never had a problem. Otherwise V7 has been working well.

winpatrol + avast + malwarebit + … it is not a good idea to add more than one antivirus & firewall

I only have one antivirus and one firewall, the programs mentioned work perfectly well together.

I know this topic is old but I’ve also had this issue come up. Running only: COMODO Internet Security Premium and Avast Free Antivirus. Thought I should post about not being able to terminate processes and that CIS was the problem.

Before I didn’t know why certain programs weren’t running properly until I started testing things like disabling components of CIS. Originally I thought I might have some memory problems because the Private Bytes and Working Set numbers became fixed at 532KB and 80KB respectively EVERY time. Scanned for Memory issues and came up empty.

So the workaround is simply to just disable or add the file into CIS Sandbox exceptions for future reference.