Programs not recognizing CS as Chrome

I’m not sure if this is intended behavior but various programs like CCleaner, Glary Utilities, AdwCleaner etc. do not recognize CS as Chrome. They simply act like there’s no Chrome on the system. This was not the case with the last version of Dragon (33.1) which they recognized (and cleaned).

Hi NiramX,
It is up to the cleaning software creators to add support for new software.

Note: I have submitted a request to ‘Piriform’ to add support to CCleaner for Comodo Chromium Secure.
Piriform have replied, that the request will be reviewed.

Kind regards.

Thank you for that, but why did the cleaners recognize CD 33.1 as Chrome and did their job, yet when it comes to CS they can not.

Hi NiramX,
The user profile path for both browsers (CS/CD) differ.
As far as Dragon being recognized as Chrome instead of Dragon, is something we would have to ask Piriform if it can be corrected.
I suspect when/if support for CS is added to CCleaner, that it will also be recognized as Chrome.
First stable release of Dragon as far as I know was V (Feb 2010).
Comodo Dragon ver Released!
Piriform added support for Dragon in CCleaner V3.04 (Feb 2011).
CCleaner v3.04-Piriform

Kind regards.

Oh, thanks for the information. I didn’t realize that until now.

You are welcome. :slight_smile:
Let us hope support is added in the near future to the various cleaning programs.

BTW: Piriform have kindly replied again, saying the request is being passed on to the relevant team. :-TU

Kind regards.