Programs not in Application Monitor accessing the net?


I am a newbie to Comodo (1 day to be honest), but I did glance through the FAQ and searched, but may have left something out.

My configuration:
Win2K, 256MB RAM, Comodo, Default settings for Comodo

I used to have Zone Alarm before, but deinstalled that seeing the rave reviews Comodo is getting. So my questions are based on that programs experience.

The Applications Monitor section has a bunch of programs for which access is granted, however there were 2 programs that I ran and which were able to access the web event though specific access to thos programs was NOT granted

Mozilla 1.7.13
Adaware SE Personal (update definitions)

ZoneAlarm used to ask me for each program that wanted to access the web, but Comodo didnt. Is this expected behaviour or am I doing something wrong?

The App Monitor didnt have the above 3 programs in it. Strangely Spybot Search and Destroy asked for permission…

The Alert Frequency Level is set to Low as default. I did do the “scan for known apps” but it didnt put the above 2 programs in the list. I did see some entries in Component monitor for Mozilla, so that may be explained, but no entries in Component monitor for the other two

Apologies if this was posted earlier, ifso can someone put a link?

Silly replying to my own post but further search revealed

Is Post #18 above the answer?

If you open CFP and look at SECURITY - ADVANCED - MISCELLANEOUS, there is an option which is checked by default (Do not show alerts for applications certified by Comodo). CFP currently has a safelist of over 11,000 known and checkked applications and it won’t show them in the application monitor list. If this option is turned off, you will get alerts.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: