Programs not detected when installed

I’m using V4, but thinking about going back to V3. This morning I installed 2 new programs and neither were detected. Not one alert popped up. I have read the forums and have CIS set for max security. Alerts are set to high. Create rules for safe applications is unchecked to. My configuration is proactive, defense+ set to paranoid, firewall on custom policy, antivirus stateful and sandbox disabled. Does anyone have an answer before I switch back? Thank you.

Well, been experiencing same on condition ‘application is installed under removable drive/device or application cannot be seen under start up’.

There really has been no problem with this as basically the problem is activating the rules in Comodo Firewall rule list. However, the applications not detected actually remains blocked / asked IF they try an access and after first access the rules are applied. So, in reality there is no problem only an delayed 1 single time firewall rule list load.

(There was and is bug in ‘application’ Allow all rules in installer (or was). You might also wanna check that there is NO application allow all rule in the firewalls rule list nor on 'global rules list. It’s called ‘All Applications’-in the firewall rules list.

and there was a bug on firewall driver installation in to network adapter. So you might wanna check that the ‘COMODO Internet Security Firewall Driver’ is actually in adapter & checked.)

as what goes to maximum security well I’d use Custom > Very high under advanced section settings as you will need that + predefined + application on predefined to get the idea of ‘everything what runs on screen is in control’. Setup these now since v3 to v4 only found 2-3 versions(where 2 were on v3 start and 1 was at original v4 beta releases of comodo) which were faulty in a sense of application bugs on firewall and the functionality after it’s all setup it great, atm, much better than anything else.

What applications were being missed by CIS? With your settings you should get alerted.

Hi the 2 applications I installed were multilingual speaking clock and emsa bandwidth monitor.
I also thought I should have been alerted, considering these are not typical programs. These are not common or security apps that should be whitelisted by CIS. :frowning:

I forgot to add when I 1st ran the programs I didn’t get any alerts on either of them. They were both allowed to just run. That’s a very scary thing.

Did you mean the programs that can be downloaded from here:

I went ahead and downloaded and installed the “Emsa Bandwidth Monitor” program from the above page. I received the ordinary number of popups you’d expect from an unknown application.

I’m running V 4.0.141842.828 with CIS set to proactive security and the Sandbox disabled. No other changes were made to the configuration.

I’m not sure why you’re not getting any alerts. Maybe you already had rules saved from a previous time you ran the programs. ??? I’m not sure, but it works fine on my system.

Thanks everyone for trying to help me :). Yes that’s the program. I didn’t have any rules saved from these programs, they were new installs. I don’t know what else to do. For now I have reinstalled V3 now I feel safer. I’ll be looking forward to a new V4 and will be happy to give it a try. I am a dedicated Comodo user. :slight_smile: