Programs listed in "Active Process List" when not even running?

First of all, I don’t know if this is a bug, so, if you think it is, please let me know and I’ll go make a report about it. :wink:


I just upgraded to the new 5.4 branch today and was taking a look @ the “Active Process List” that you can click on in “Defense+”. Then I happened to notice there were more versions of Firefox and IE than I had running. In fact, I didn’t even have IE running, but it was shown in the “Active Process List” of Comodo.

So, in being curious, I loaded up “Sysinternals Process Explorer (v14.11)” to double check. It didn’t list any running processes of IE. So, I go back into Comodo and attempt to terminate the IE processes. I go through all the steps to terminate it and hit the “yes” button. Nothing happens. It still remains in the “Active Process List” in Comodo.

Is this a known bug, or a possible brand new one? Because I’ve seen this happen with other programs besides Firefox and IE. In fact, while typing this post, I closed a program called “FeedDemon”. It’s no longer shown in “Process Explorer”, but yet, Comodo is still showing it in it’s “Active Process List”. In fact, I’ve started/ended that program 3 times (to test this) and each time the program remains listed and gets a new PID. :o

This would be a bug; please report it Following These Guidlines


I thought it was a bug that nobody had noticed before, but just wanted to be sure. I’ll do a report in a few. :wink:

Now locking this topic. :wink: