Programms with "Stolen Rights" can go Online in Comodo v3 with aktivatet Defense

Hello , first of all, sorry for my Bad English

I have read in the New “PC-Welt” (A German Computer Newspaper) a new Firewall Test.

The Comodo Firewall v3 and Zone Alarm Free v7 was tested also.

The PC-Welt Crew have bypassed the Comodo Firewall with a verry old Trick. They have stolen the Access Rights from a Allowed Programm (for example IE) and go with a New Application with the stolen rights online.

The same Test with ZoneAlarm was NOT succsessfull…ZoneAlarm have Blocked this Attemp.

Another Test was bypass the Firewalls with a Trojan. 8 from 10 Atempts was blocked by Comodo, 2 Trojans have succsessfull bypass the Firewall. ZoneAlarm has blocked all 10 Trojans.

How exactly and wich Techniks the PC-Welt Crew use, they dont have written.
Everyone who interesting the Artikel it stand in “PC-Welt 05/08 Site 82 - 90” Language is German.

In all Tests the Defense+ System was aktivatet

There was teted 7 PFWs only 2 was Reconommed…First Place ZoneAlarm, Second Place Comodo v3.

I knew, with the “Original Installed Options” the Option “Do Protokoll Analysis” is disabled and i have enabled it, like in Comodo 2.4. I have also enabled “Monitor other NDIS Protokolls like TCP/IP”.

my Question is, why is “Do Protokoll Analysis” “off” by default, and i hope that Comodo Fix this Problem with “Stolen Rights”…i was alittle suprised, because the Trick with “Stolen Rigths” is not the newest…

mfg Frogshock

Could you, please, give the link from where you read this?

It’s a pitty that no facts were provided by “crew”:

How exactly and wich Techniks the PC-Welt Crew use, they dont have written.

For me it looks like 2 possibilities: either PC-Welt crew… let’s say… overstated their findings…
or they really found a way to bypass CFP but not giving exact information with aim to charge Comodo for details ;D

I wouldn’t trust it too much if they don’t give details on which methods/trojans they used in the tests.


I am sure they would inform us as a responsible publishing house as i have no doubt they have many Comodo users and they wouldn’t want them to suffer as a result.

We haven’t heard anything from them about this.

We look forward to receiving the info if they have any.


Dont take them seriously unless they publish their results and test tools. ZoneAlarm can not compete with CFP 3 in terms of malware behavior detection and blocking.



Can you please post a link to the article in PC-Welt. The only reference I can find on thier site is

which is a simple download page.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi Frogshock, Can u post a link.

I find only this so far.

Maybe it is not on the website yet, he did say that he read it in a newspaper.

Hi, found it …, copyrighted article, €0.45, credit cards accepted, I didn’t buy or read it, though …
Internet & Sicherheit: Alles über Firewalls "2008/05: PC sicher abschotten S. 82 - 90 ,45 Euro