Greetings all!

What is the easiest programming language for a complete beginner who know nothing more than basic DOS and batch commands?
I guess there’ll be different answers for this question, but I’ll take a look at all suggestions.
Also, please include links to tutorials if you know any good ones for beginners.


what do u want to do with the programming language?

its like horses for courses…


To start with, I’d like to be able to create a GUI with buttons, that when pressed, will do different things such as launching an application, performing series of commands (like copying files, editing the registry) or make a pop-up window appear (such as when cliking ‘About’ in CFP 3).
But I’d also like to be able to make simple text-based games. Nothing with advanced graphics, just something simple.

And maybe one day I can work at Comodo as a professional programmer. (:WIN)


Java. At least that’s what I was taught in college. Be prepared to bloat your PC up first (:LGH).

Exactly what I thought after I read your first sentence. :slight_smile:

At least it’s better than .NET, from the bloat perspective. 88)


Depending on his programming program of choice, he may need .NET :o

ok, if you want a good foundation in programming as well, then I would recommend C++ followed by MFC.
C++ will give you a good foundation but wont do pretty things so very easily. thats where you bring MFC in to help you create pretty stuff very quickly still based on c++. (dont try to jump into MFC without C++ foundation first).


I can understand recommending C++ (my first language, still my true love… Oh how I wish it was used more in the financial sector! :cry: ), but MFC??

From a news item I just read today:

[b]Microsoft has kicked off a research project to create software that will take over when it retires Windows.
Called Midori, the cut-down operating system is radically different to Microsoft’s older programs.

Michael Silver, research vice president at Gartner, said the development of Midori was a sensible step for Microsoft.
“The value of Microsoft Windows, of what that product is today, will diminish as more applications move to the web and Microsoft needs to edge out in front of that,” he said.
“I would be surprised if there was definitive evidence that nothing like this was not kicking around,” he said.
The big problem that Microsoft faced in doing away with Windows, he said, was how to re-make its business to cope.
“Eighty percent of Windows sales are made when a new PC is sold,” he said. "That’s a huge amount of money for them that they do not have to go out and get.
“If Windows ends up being less important over time as applications become more OS agnostic where will Microsoft make its money?” he asked.[/b]

Full item here: BBC NEWS | Technology | Microsoft sees end of Windows era

If I got for C++, I’ll need a compiler, right? Any good one for beginners?
Also, are there any tutorials for beginners? I know that I can use Google, but you guys might know some good place to start…


I was waiting for a response from Melih, but I would be interested to read egemen’s thoughts on the subject…

Additionally, I always wondered what language was used for CFP; this thread appears to have inadvertently answered my unasked question! :slight_smile:

So… Any tutorials or compilers that you guys have to recommend?


None for you Rag

Why’d you delete this? I was actively following it :frowning:

I don’t know why it was deleted… But I’ve moved it back to General Discussion now.
The compiler I’m using Borland C++ Compiler 5.5 With Command Line Tools. It’s 8 years old, but it seems to the the job in compiling. I’m using NotePad to write the code.
Currently I’m following a Swedish C++ guide that explains the basics. I’ve managed to create a calculator so far. :BNC

Some moderator’s finger must’ve slipped on the del key, but it wasn’t me 88).

LA, your habit must die.

I’ll upload my self made calculator… :BNC
If you should use it, READ THE WARNING! I won’t take any responsibility for what happens if you should ignore the warning…

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Very nice, now I’m waiting for the fancy GUI

Sandboxing first ;D, I wouldn’t want my pc get harmed by calculating something which won’t stop ;).


hehe, shutdown h

There are only two problems.

I can’t make a GUI. I haven’t got that far yet. I guess I would use the Win32 Api or SDL? Still, I can’t make anything fancy, only some things that people are to stupid to figure out what it is.

Did you hack my program to get the source code? :frowning:

No I haven’t 88)