Programming software?

I’m looking to learn a programming language, which one should I start with and how much does it cost? (ie simple to start with for little cost)

ps please give links with detailed information please, thankyou

For a first language, I would recommend Java, it is pretty straightforward and great for beginners who are just beginning to learn the art of programming.

this may sound stupid but where can I find a program that will allow me to start programming Java?

I would start by visiting this page.

Look at the different tools offered, I would start by looking at NetBeans. There is a description of each tool, read through them and determine which you think would be best for you :slight_smile:

When you’re ready to download NetBeans you can go here. From there you can choose what you want your NetBeans installation to include, I would recommend starting with the JavaSE pack, of course you can download the others as well if you want.