Programmes being put in VTRoot

I did not select that ReginOut a register checker I installed went to VTRoot. But this is were it was installed, the programme run but the desktop shortcut did not appear. Trying to click in VTRoot to get the prog running again just gives an error message about Windows not being able to access it or that I don’t have right permissions.

How do I run programmes Comodo has put in this directory, does ReginOut need to be there?

Using WIndows 10 64

Many thanks for your help.

I now have another programme that has been installed into VTRoot with the same issues, anyone know how to sort it?

Ok I worked out I run stuff from virtual desktop, but why are certain progs going in there?

Sandboxed programs go into VTRoot. Run those programs as Trusted. I’ve never used Virtual desktop but I’m assuming everything run from there is Sandboxed.

Not sure how it got sandboxed. How do we run as trusted, I can only seem to run as administrator? Using Virtual desktop is only way I have got it to run.

GO to File list and let it sort out the Unrecognised Files by clicking on the funnel icon on the File Rating column. Once it sorted out the unrecognised files look up your file and change the rating to Trusted.

That sorted it thanks!