Program wont start - no response at all

I am using Windows XP Pro SP3.

This happaned before with this program in the past - but then “Repair” (from Add/Remove programs)solved the issue immediately.

Now that I have Comodo installed - I cannot run the program anymore -

I remember that in one of the many alerts (it was regarding the father of that program and I think also access to the registery) I asked Comodo to “block” - Now I do not see this block decision in any place in Comodu UI and also I cannot run the program any more… Not sure what is the reason.

I alraedy removed and completely reinstalled the program but no response anymore - totally dead.

Please help.

To remove the block we need to know in which folder the uninstaller was. It is usually in one of the installation folders of the application. Look it up in Computer Security Policy (Defense + → Advanced) and remove the rule.

Another angle to find it is to go to Computer Security Policy and look up all the blocked files and remove their rules.

Does any of the above work for you?