Program Update question i am unsure whether to update

I have 3 Laptops 2 run Windows 7 64bit Home Premium, one is running 8.1 64bit pro,All 3 are using Comodo 8.2.0467 Database Version 23095 viruscope Details 183 basically they are all identical i have just checked all 3 and they all agree with the Product version and so on identical. i update them, they do not do it automatically. All 3 where updated last night and all 3 where just updated again but the one running 8.1 is also telling me there is a Program update. i did not update the program because i don’t understand why it should be doing it unless there is a special update just for windows 8.1 So, on a windows 7 pc i went to “What’s New” and 8.2.0467 is 6th August and there is nothing there for 8.1 Does anyone know if this happens i have never had just one tell me there is a program update before. it might be a stupid question and i should just go ahead and update but it has never happened before, or at least i don’t recall it ever happening before.i have a feeling someone is going to tell me im an idiot & yes it is for 8.1 just do it.It updated the data base they all did its just this one with 8.1 telling me there is also a Program update.but nothing after the 6th of August on the whats new site

Hi Stever1,
I would allow it to update, I have seen similar to this before.
Comodo Internet Security (with Win10 Support) is released!!
Current version

Kind regards.