Program Update frequency

I have Comodo Firewall on a Windows OS. When I go into the main screen and select the More tab, I see an option for Check for Updates. Is this checking for program updates only or some sort of definition updates. As I do not have the Comodo Antivirus program, I wouldn’t think that there should be anything to download routinely. Secondly, how often does the program check for updates when the Preferences option is set for automatic updates? I am inclined to turn this option off and just check manually from time to time but I do not know the update schedule for this Comodo Firewall product, the free version.

The option under the More tab is for program updates.

The updater tends to be a bit obtrusive, so I turn this option off.

If I could have a say in it, I would like to see the option to schedule the update with Windows Task Scheduler.