Program Uninstaller For Windows 7, 64 Bit Systems

I have recently purchased a new Windows 7, 64 bit computer and there appears to be very few options available for uninstallers? Previously, I had a Windows 32 bit system and I used Revo Uninstaller which proved to be quite effective. Revo has gone to a commercial ware, Revo Pro Uninstaller for 64 bit systems. To date, all I have found, that is somewhat better then the Windows uninstaller but does leave a lot to be desired, is Glary Utilities.

It would be most appreciated if Comodo developed an efficient, uninstaller for Windows 7, 64 bit, that proved to be as effective as Revo for all who have migrated to 64 bit systems.

Thank you in advance!

I was just gonna suggest the same thing.
A free uninstaller would be awsome! maybe integrated into Comodo system cleaner?;msg364713#msg364713 :slight_smile: