program that tells me which application is accessing internet

I want to know which program is accessing the internet when COMODO FWP indicates incoming or outgoing activity.Is there a program that will tell me which program is accessing the internet. Thanks in advance Jim

Hi jim28277

TCPView TCPView for Windows v2.4 and Currports CurrPorts : View Opened TCP/IP ports / connections on Windows will both do what you require.


Thanks Toggie. I’ll check 'em both out.



I’d like to also suggest What’s Running. Its a process manager, but it also has a rather good IP Connections tab. It displays very good detail as well. This program looks at everything… processes, drivers, services… the lot, all in 1 app.

This is one handy app, picked it up some time ago and added it to my tool box. Think I’m gonna havta get a bigger truck for all my tools :slight_smile: