program that records all changes made by other programs?

Hi everyone
I was just wondering about if there is any program that records all changes made by other programs. For example, I want to install sample.exe, it makes a few changes in the registry, creates a few dolders and files. Most of the regular uninstallers are not that good, and therefore I want/have to delete some changes by myself. Taht would be the reason I need such a program.

Looking forward to your your answers.


Yes, there are numerous applications that can do this. A Google search for track/record/monitor registry changes should turn up something useful.

However, it sounds more like you are mostly interested in clean uninstalls.

Revo Uninstaller does a pretty good job of tracking down bits of an application that an uninstaller may leave behind.

However, it’s not perfect.

The ideal solution is an uninstaller that monitors an application install. It will record all of the changes an installer makes to your system, so when you decide to uninstall, it makes sure that everything is removed. The downside of this type of application is that it needs to be memory resident, or at the very least, turned on while making an installation. If you have a powerful processor and a lot of RAM, this is likely not an issue.

Some applications that can monitor installs are:

Revo Uninstaller Pro. (Link above) The free version scans for remnants after uninstallation, but the the Pro (Not Free) version can monitor installs.

Comodo Programs Manager Represent! :-TU (Free)

ZSoft Uninstaller (Free)

Total Uninstall (Not Free)

Gizmo’s favorite is Revo, Followed by ZSoft, then Total Uninstall.

Thanks for this very useful answer…I think I will try Comodo Programs Manager and ZSoft Uninstaller.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

I’ve never used ZSoft Uninstaller, but to monitor an install with Comodo Programs Manger, you right-click on an installer and select install and monitor setup with CPM.

Thanks for advice. I personal prefer Comodo Pragrams Manager because the interface is very nice and the program is easy to use. But it is a bit buggy on Windows updates.