Program startup order in XP

Hi, All.
This is perhaps not directly concerning Comodo-more an XP question, but as it directly involves the firewall thought I’d post it here.
Computer is running good as gold. When starting, icons appear in the system tray (as they do), and usually in the order: Safely remove hardware; Sounds; Avast; Keyboard; SpywareTerminator; Internet connection (which then glows active); Lastly Comodo Personal Firewall, or sometimes Winpatrol.
It would seem to me that if the programs are loading in the order indicated, it would be better if the firewall loaded before the connection. True?
Tried a tool called “Startright” to effect a change, here, but ended up with only 2 programs starting up, neither of them security applications. Didn’t really know what I was doing with it, so uninstalled then ended up doing a restore.
So, (1) Is this important, (2) Anyone know a simple way to prioritise the firewall start above the internet connection? (For a bit of a newbie.)
Very happy with the firewall (, default settings, learning mode (I’m learning,too!) no conflicts with Avast, ST, or any of the others. Feel pretty secure.

Inbound protection is ALWAYS enabled, even it the COMODO services are not up and running (yet). You can set Outbound Protection to be always enabled (during bootup as well). Go to: Security - Advanced - Advanced Attack Detection and Prevention - Configure - Miscellaneous: Check the first parameter: ‘Block All Outgoing Connections While Booting’. This will be what you need for your purpose.

Paul Wynant
Moscow, Russia

You can use this to make some sort of order.
Hope it helps!

Thanks for the idea, gebeleizis, but I have to kindly warn anyone considering using this that if you are not a power user, you might end up disabling Windows boot at all. To give an example: you cannot possibly make COMODO the first one to start up, cause your system won’t boot. COMODO is an application installed ON the OS, it’s not the OS itself, and in order for it to work, certain other components of the OS will have to be launched first.

Paul Wynant
Moscow, Russia

Thankyou for the replies. That’s what I need to know.

p2u do you think it’s a good idea to enable outbound protection while booting? Or is it for the truly paranoid ?

Can’t hurt, even if you’re not paranoid. There might be complaints by your AV’s mail protection and automatic updates features. If this is the case, then it’s better to reverse the setting.

Paul Wynant
Moscow, Russia

I get it. It seems logical anyways!
The thing is the last time i used that program I remember that he only can delay the startup programs (from startup folder and run registry keys). So he doesn’t have any effect on services and such. I might be mistaken, but this is how I remember.

Peace out!

Thanks very much. I’ll try it. (only slightly paranoid). Might try that start manager too, but my previous experience has put me off a bit…it ain’t broke now, I don’t need to fix it, sort of thing.

And in fact, that setting was enabled anyway. Maybe it’s the default.

I want to point out that the order in which services and applications start is not rigidly fixed in Windows XP, but varies from one boot to another. This is a result of the OS trying to start many things pretty much simultaneously, coupled with a little randomness in switching from one to another of the competitors for attention.

Also, the Sysinternals utility “Process Explorer”, can be configured to display the start time of every running service and application, as well as the “genetic” relationships among them. I find this display to be very useful in working with CF.