Program Sandbox is isolating (J.EXE)

Hi, Every time I reboot my pc, sandbox tells me its isolated a program (J.EXE) and gives me an option to not run it in the sandbox in future. I’m unable to locate this file using numerous different means and different antivirus apps. Clicking on the J.EXE just gives me an error. I’ve also uploaded numerous log files from various different apps (HijackThis and others) to a website that gives assistance on removing viruses, but they also can’t find a problem. I’ve elected to not run it in the sandbox and monitored running processes using Process Explorer equally to no avail.

Even when telling it to NOT run in the Sandbox it still does pops up at least once an hour. If the prog was unchanged it wouldn’t prompt me again, so I can only assume the file is being automatically deleted and recreated everytime it chooses to run.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Many thanks

check pending files to see the path of the file.

I appologise in advance for my ignorance, but where do I find ‘pending files’? I remember seeing this in previous versions of Comodo - but rather stupidly can’t find it now.

Are you saying that every file that runs in the Sandbox is also listed in the Pending Files area?

Defense + at the top, pending files on the left.

Yes every file that is run in sandbox shows up in pending files. That J.exe sounds like you have an infection. Pleae read and follow the steps in this guide.

Please try what languy suggests but if it does not succeed in locating the file, please try a Windows Explorer search of your entire hard disk including hidden and system files. Please paste a screen shot of your logs and the search results here.

Best wishes


Hi guys,
what is wrong, if sometimes i start my pc and everything is fine but sometimes every program (Fraps,Steam,Sidebar,Logitech Profiler,…) is sandboxed?
I told CIS many times NOT to sandbox these progs but again and again its stealing my nerves.

If it sandboxes all the progs and I restart my system everything is ok again.

Can you confirm that these programs are listed in your safe list both when the system is running normally and when it is sandboxing these files?

The problem may be related to this.

Until now it works fine. But if the Problem comes back, I will check this and post here.
Thank you

Now i had a blue screen because of ram problems (caused by the board and fixed tomorrow).
After restart the problem with the sandbox was back.
I think its a problem that will be solved with the new board.

Screenshots are attached

[attachment deleted by admin]

Problem already exists.

With respect to ‘j.exe’, check this site to see if it offers any help.